Double Glazing Conservatories Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

We all spend a lot of time in our homes but how often do we take the time out to appreciate them? Our homes are made up of many different materials which all serve a purpose to make the property work the way it goes from the bricks used to construct the walls to the drain pipes used to carry the rainwater off the roof of the property. However with the current concerns regarding climate change maybe we should take the time to look at our homes and see if there are ways in which we can improve their energy efficiency. One of the main ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home is by fitting double glazing.

double glass

The windows and doors are a weak spot in your home when it comes to letting the heat out therefore double glazing help to reduce the energy lost from a property dramatically. As the name suggests double glazing is made up of two panels of glass and in between these two panels there is a gap that is commonly filled with the gas argon. It is the gap that acts as an insulator and helps to keep the heat in meaning you will need to generate less heat, lowering your gas and electricity bills and helping to save the planet.

When you are considering double glazing it is important not to just focus on the windows. The doors can be just as bad if not worse when it comes to heat loss. Solid doors tend to be ok but patio doors and French doors can be particularly bad. However, patio doors and French doors can be double glazed helping to reduce the amount of energy lost.  However often one of the worst offenders for heat loss in a home is conservatories.

Due to the nature of the construction of conservatories they contain a great deal of glass. Therefore if they are not double glazed they can let a lot of heat out. Although double glazing can reduce the amount of heat lost from conservatories considerably it is recommended that you have a door between the conservatory and the rest of the house so that you can shut the door and only need to heat the conservatory when you are actually using it.

Conservatory Insulation

One of the most popular methods to expand your living space in your home is to have a conservatory built onto the rear of your home. Many Interior Designers spend a considerable amount of time advising people on great ways to furniture and design the inside of your conservatory. Doors and Windows by themselves whether the conservatory is a P-shape, T shape, or lead to style variety of the excellent extension to your home.

A conservatory can be a very unique building with so many designs available with both windows and doors finishing off the complete look of your new structure. They can vary in both sizes and shape with UPVC windows and doors being the most popular which is also what a lot of conservatories are usually made from.

For insulation options, there are a range of low emission enabled conservatories available which make them very energy efficient. Being well insulation also means they are great on the soundproofing side of things which is great for cutting out noise from outdoors but also limiting the disturbances that may be caused in your home such as children playing which the neighbors will be very grateful for.

If your conservatory does not have sufficient insulation and the maintenance is not taken into consideration then the natural elements can deteriorate the materials over time.  Looking at the insulation is very important when it comes to choosing your new conservatory.

Glass conservatories are one design that has stood the test of time, with highly durable glass which can provide the best insulation as well as control the humidity inside the conservatory. Other qualities include the non-emissions and a great way to keep energy usage to an extremely low amount.

One type of glass which is very popular is premier glass and used widely in a range of conservatories in the UK for both windows, doors, and roofs. This range of glass has a very good reputation and is a perfect choice for insulation power and durability. The company behind this glass is a market leader so well worth a look if you live in the United Kingdom. Co