Furniture for the Conservatory – Complete Guide (2022)

Like most large purchases these days a visit to the internet will be the first port of call.  Visiting an actual store will provide you with a plethora of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from but make sure before you go online or down the high street that you take measurements of the room with you.  If possible draw a plan to take with you.

One major and somewhat obvious consideration is to determine what type of material you want your furniture made from.  Rattan is very popular along with Metal, Wicker, Cane, Plastic, and the ever-popular Wood.

Rattan is extremely strong and has a similarity to bamboo.  Both work well in a sunroom or conservatory due to their virtual weightlessness and will be able to be transported around the room or outside on a very fine day.  With Cane this is also very lightweight so once again is easily maneuverable.  All these can be easily cleaned if you have any spills or an odd bit of dirt.

Metal furniture can be modern and is very durable.  Throw a few cushions around and it can be just as comfy as rattan or wicker.

Plastic is usually one of the least expensive which makes it quite affordable.  It is lightweight and available in a number of different colors.  It is resistant to weather which means it can also be used outside and in fact left there overnight with no problems.

Furniture for the Conservatory – Part 1

So the conservatory has been built and you are wallowing in the luxurious addition to the family home.  It is now time to think about furnishing it to the highest standard your bank balance will allow.  You can then do those important jobs like relaxing in your chair with a glass of wine and watching the world go by or playing with the kids.  A conservatory is a perfect way to do these important things!

You will notice that your conservatory is a light and airy structure that can capture the sunlight and illuminate the room.  Yet it is sheltered against the weather so what does it matter if a rainy day arrives.   A conservatory is a great place to enjoy some light reading and really chill out.  It is a room that draws the garden into your home.  The correct choice of furniture will enable the conservatory to be utilized to its fullest potential.  The way you decorate will play a large part in creating the ambiance of the space so make sure you choose your furniture carefully.  This is a personal room and must reflect your taste and provide you with the optimum amount of comfort.

Wicker Conservatory Furniture

Whether you have inherited a Conservatory by moving to a new house or have had one built on to your own house the decision about what furniture goes in it is at the forefront of your mind. The popularity of Cane and Rattan is well documented but why not consider Wicker. A conservatory is virtually a casual room and needs casual furniture to fill it and Wicker is the ideal solution.

Wicker furniture is superbly durable and fits perfectly into a tropical-looking conservatory if that is what you are after. There are numerous different styles of Wicker furniture available in today’s marketplace.

If you are looking for something like a chaise lounge then Wicker is the ideal material. You can stretch out full length and relax on a Wicker lounger and totally relax. This is a perfect item to start the furniture build-up in your Orangery or Conservatory. If space is at a premium then go for the smaller model but try and get the largest that can feasibly be placed in the room.

Take a good look at all types of Wicker chairs that are available. Swivel chairs, rocking type chairs and the standard four-legged chairs are all superb ideas to complement the chaise lounge.

Additional items for the Conservatory furniture wise must include a table. Glass is brilliant but if young children will be utilizing the room then think safety first and consider perhaps a wooden table until such time as the youngsters have grown.

Synthetic Wicker has the great advantage of not deteriorating or warping when left in the sun. It should not fade either. All of this infers that left in the window of the conservatory your furniture will not be damaged or disfigured.

Finally what about the maintenance of your Wicker furniture. Well, just a quick wash down with water and soap should bring it back as good as new. Wicker furniture really is a top way to decorate your conservatory or orangery.

Rattan and Cane Conservatory Furniture

After months of planning followed by a lot of hard work the Conservatory is finally finished and looks even better than you could have imagined.  However the bareness needs immediate attention and a visit to the furniture emporium or the internet is the next stop. Obviously if the Conservatory was built with one specific need in mind then it will be easier than if there was just a blank canvas so to speak.  For example if it was built with the intention of it being an extended play area for the children then a three piece suite of the upper range of prices will definitely not be on the agenda.

Being a brand new Conservatory it will undoubtedly be heated so as to be usable 365 day in the year.  Finding the right furniture can be a bit of a challenge and a few tips are helpful.

Cane or Rattan are two of the most popular choices simply because they do not suffer damage from too much sunlight.   Extreme humidity does not faze them either.  This makes them ideal for Conservatory conditions.  Wicker, teak, metal and glass are other materials used although if there are young children around the latter should be avoided for obvious reasons.

Rattan to the amateur is a kind of cane and like cane is a light material so easy to move and carry around.  It can be washed when needed and simply left in the sunlight to dry.  Usage can continue immediately it is dry.  Changes in temperature and tolerance to strong sunlight (yes we do get it sometimes) make it an even more advantageous selection.

A serious advantage in the purchase of cane or rattan is that their immense popularity means the range of styles is large and gives plenty of food for thought.  Your furniture will look amazing and adding a few coloured cushions around will give it a beautiful final touch.