Great Conservatory Blinds – Detailed Guide (UPDATED)

There is so much sun to come through a conservatory roof that conservatory roof blinds can be an important addition to your newly built expansion to your home. Without a range of conservatory blinds, the heat inside can become immense with it being very hard to breathe without opening the doors and windows. The range available when it comes to looking at blinds can be very large so a great choice to satisfy any preference.

sun window

A very popular option to add shade to your conservatory is the retractable awnings which are designed to cover the whole of your roof by using control to the side of the room. These are excellent and prevent the sun to enter so keeping the air cool and comfortable. Other options can do the same job but prevent the light from getting in whereas an awning still lets light in.

There are also roller blinds available if the above is not for you and come at a very low cost and are easy to fit. They can be added to a remote control specification although cost more than manual roller blinds a great option if you can afford them on your budget.

If you are into crafting, then you could easily design your own blinds which would look fantastic and fit in with your preferred style as they have been made by you.

Conservatory Roller Blinds

Whatever you have chosen to use your conservatory for there will be a need because of the great amount of glass involved to ensure that at certain times cover is required because of the intense heat that can build up.  Ideally, you should consider roller blinds.

This type of blind is a good option if you do not want to obscure all the views from your conservatory.  You will not want to sit in complete darkness nor will you want the sun shining full on for any amount of time.  Alternatively, there may be times when you want total privacy.   So, a happy medium must be met and roller blinds are the answer. After all your view of the garden is mandatory and the outdoor view is one of the reasons you invested in a conservatory to start with.

Roller blinds can be installed fairly easily and more importantly with little cost.  When you buy them make sure you get blinds that can be adjusted when required.  You will find that roller blinds can be purchased with a thermal reflective backing that can repel the rays from the sun. The blinds will last a long time and although they are not the prettiest window coverings you can buy they are extremely durable and almost maintenance-free.

Putting the blinds up usually only means a few minutes with a screwdriver but if your handyman skills are non-existent then call in a local handyman or even ask the blind providers for help.  These blinds are simply the best way to regulate the light passing into your conservatory. They make a good investment in the long term.

You should feel lucky and privileged that you have a conservatory as there are some people for whom the dream will never become reality.  Look after it and it will last for many years, roller blinds or no roller blinds!

Conservatory Blinds

Conservatories are an excellent way to increase the size of your home but many people find that they can become too hot in the summer to enjoy or very cold in the winter. This can still be the case with ventilation and heating so installing conservatory blinds can be one option.

In the summer a conservatory blind can limit the amount of sunlight heating the conservatory but still let excellent amounts of light through. Many blinds come as a very light color so light can still get through but heat is kept to the outdoors. During the winter months, a set of conservatory blinds can help a great deal by keeping heat indoors and not escaping leaving your conservatory too cold to enjoy.

If you are not worried about the overheating or overcooling effects of having a conservatory then blinds can still be a worthwhile investment as they can give the room a very good interior style. As well as complementing the room itself, they can go very well with the conservatory furniture you have also invested in so altogether provides a warm and pleasant atmosphere all year round.

There are several types of conservatory blinds available which include Pinoleum Blinds, Pleated Blinds, and roller blinds. You can also find Venetian blinds but the size can be difficult to find to fit in with your conservatory roof as well as cause a nuisance with inward opening conservatory doors and windows.