HashLips Art Engine: Download the Latest Version (2024)

HashLips Art Engine is the best available software to generate any type of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Collection.

This application generally uses canvas and Nodejs. to create unique generative arts.

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Therefore, the HashLips Art Engine is the primary software application currently in use for NFT collections.

What is HashLips Art Engine?

HashLips NFT Generator allows the users to generate thousands of unique image layers based on one input art.

For example, suppose you have designed a Pixel art or 3D NFT character using software like Blender or Adobe Illustrator. In that case, you can use this art generator software to create unique copies of your original art.

So that, you can have an NFT collection like 10000 unique images similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks and then list them on NFT market places like OpenSea.

HashLips Art Engine is one of the essential tools if you are planning to create a collection of Arts based on one character.

There are tons of video tutorials available in relation to operational guides and tips of this software application.

Other than using this art generator for NFT collection generation, more features are available for programmers and blockchain developers.

When creating an NFT collection, it is important to maintain a balance in rarity to make every piece of your art unique.

Otherwise, there is a great chance your collection becomes dull and, as a result, has low interest in the community.

So that, HashLips NFT Art Engine will allow you to create different Traits and Assets to make unique images.

For example, You can use Backgrounds, Clothes, Hats, Wearables, Eyes, Hair, and Beard are some of the examples for Traits.

So within each Trait, you can have multiple Assets for your NFT collection, such as a few backgrounds under the Background trait.

HashLips Art Engine Allows you to create separate directories for Traits and Assets, and then you can use them for respective traits and assets.

Software Package Information

Application NameHashLips Art Engine
File Size1.57 MB
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, macOS and Linux
Supported VersionWindows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
CategoryArt Tool

Download HashLips Art Engine


How to Download and Install HashLips Art Engine Software?

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First, you have to download the Nodejs Javascript runtime, and also, you have to download Visual Studio code in order to run the Nodejs on your computer.

You will have to choose the above download files according to your computer operating system and bit version.

In other words, Microsoft Windows users have a separate version of this art engine software compared to Mac computer users.

Once you have downloaded the Zip file of the HashLips Art Engine Code, extract it to a separate folder.

After that, open the Visual Studio Code and open the extracted HashLips folder through Visual Studio.

How to Use HashLips Code?

If you plan to create an NFT collection based on one unique art, you have to establish the rarity weightages on your Traits and Assets.

For example, if you are generating a 10k unique Ape collection, it could be defined as below.

  • 1 Base character
  • 10 Backgrounds
  • 10 Clothes
  • 10 Caps
  • 10 Beards

So based on the above, it comes as 1x10x10x10x10 = 10,000

This is just an example of how you could generate a 10k NFT collection with HashLips Art Engine.

You can change the variables as you wish and generate a collection according to your preference.

Once you have launched the application, you can see the available default options. There, you can see an option called layers, and in that, you can find the default Traits and Assets.

So now you can create Folders under layers option for your own Traits and Assets and then upload them to respective folders.

Please watch the step-by-step HashLips Art Engine NFT generation tutorial below for further assistance.

The majority of the NFT collections that you have seen in my NFT marketplaces, like Opensea, Mintable, etc., are generated using HashLips Art Engine.

Once, you have created your NFT collection with this application. It is ready to Mint on any of the NFT marketplace.

Apart from png images, you will also get the metadata of each unique NFT separately. Therefore, your image and respective metadata will be linked to each other via a smart contract when you mint them.

You might already be aware that you can go with any other Blockchain such as Ethereum, Wrapped Ethereum, polygon, Solana, etc., to Mint the NFT collection.

Further, HashLips Art Engine gives you the total freedom to do any customization you want according to your preference.

So that, you will be able to change the delimiter to anything you like using the RarityDelimiter option.

Also, it gives you the ability to add multiple different layout options. However, you have to make sure that each folder under layers is in the required order.

Layout order refers to the order or traits. For example, you might list in the order of Hair, Eyewear, Eyes, Mouth, Head, and so on according to your art piece

Also, the HashLips Art Engine allows you to format your output images in many different formats and sizes.

Generally, NFT arts are formatted in png Format with 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Further, it gives you the project logs as well so that you can debug your project work at any time you want.

So by now, you can understand the fact that HashLips Art Generator code is highly customizable to the user specifications.

Please contact us for any clarification

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create Pixelated images, GIF images, and Printing Rarity data with HashLips?

You can define the format of your artwork when you export the file and it will also generate Rarity metadata.

How to Use Hashlips Minting DApps?

All you have to do is to configure your smart contract and then do the necessary updates to images and theme files.

How to Fix HashLips Art Engine Not Working Issue?

HashLips require you to have the latest version of Nodejs. So if you are facing issues like the module not being found, then make sure the Nodejs are up to date.

How to fix DNA Exists msg while running HashLips Art Engine

If you get this msg while you are running the code, it means that you have not created a sufficient number of lalyers.

Is HashLips NFT Generator Free?

Yes, it is totally free to download and use.